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3 years ago#1
I was just wondering if anyone else fights him the way i do. which is by sitting in back and just shooting till him dies while i stand on my rock of safety since I can't get hurt or hit from him at all and got a clear view of him the whole time so i can always hit him.

anyone else do or have ever done this?
3 years ago#2
I used to sit in the back corner and Fight him from there but now I go All out in the open, Its no hard to beat.... I have more trouble with Handsome Jack
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3 years ago#3
yea that is were i fight from i just stand on that rock at the exit and shoot away
3 years ago#4
i just run up to his belly and shoot the heck out of it and he doesnt attack he just falls back into the lava. He will only attack if you dont do enough damage or hit a couple of chest plates off. Pretty easy tbh
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