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3 years ago#11
i would like to join if you are going to do it again sometime soon
Sage as of 08/09/2011
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3 years ago#12
wutsthatsmell posted...

If a person offered you 1 million dollars tax free without any strings attached would you take it or would you tell them no i'll work for my 1 million dollars the hard way instead?

and in any case is either one of these anwsers incorrect for the person to chose?

Wasn't trying to say there's a correct choice here, but there are some people who would prefer their files worked on without modding involved, and I'm going to help them.

Speaking of which, I'm game for another round of boosting people today. Keep in mind, I don't JUST boost levels, I offer the chance to switch to Normal or TVHM to farm Pete for gear around your level so you're not stuck with low-level gear when not quite up to 61 yet, as well as Torgue Tokens, Cash, Gear (Which will be high level unless on Normal or TVHM), and Eridium (Easier to get on Normal or TVHM). Going to ask some people who messaged me yesterday if they still want it today first though, so don't be surprised if the party is full-up fast.
GT Forte Baroque
3 years ago#13
Working on Power Leveling again, but I would like to make a couple notifications.

First, when I am hosting a Power Level session, please stay by the Bar's Bounty Board. You guys will simply lag too much to be combat help, and I get distracted when I see someone has gone down. You will also be killed, seriously, unless your gear is precise and your level high.

Second up, if you have a "Team" stat boosting class mod on you that you can use, please wear it, if you wish to contribute to the fighting. These bonuses do not lag. I will list the mods preferred per class (skipping Krieg since he's not out yet.)

Axton - Gunner or Tactician work well.

Gaige - Catalyst or Sweetheart are helpful. Catalyst is preferred, because I make heavy use of Slag, Fire, and Shock elements for the boosting.

Maya - Binder or Nurse, with a preference for Nurse if the character is high level, and Binder if they are not.

Salvador - Hoarder, plain and simple. I don't need a larger magazine size from Devastator, but Hoarder recovers precious ammo for me.

Zero - While Accuracy from the "Shot" mods would help, I would prefer the Critical Hit Bonus from Killer.

Keep these in mind, and it will make the Power-Leveling a faster and easier experience for all of us.
GT Forte Baroque
3 years ago#14
You have room lv38 axton gt PoieZen also u have a headset?
3 years ago#15
Phiniox posted...
You have room lv38 axton gt PoieZen also u have a headset?

Oops lv43 i lied lol
3 years ago#16
If you get an opening, I'd like to join so I can level up my level 53 Mechro and whore out on eridium.
I can attempt to search all the health vending machines for an evil catalyst mod.
GT : MiZZ nErDiE
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