do u need level 61 items?...hey me too lol

#1shadowangel81Posted 4/22/2013 5:19:55 PM
Ok so i need help. I need any of the following items ABOVE the mentioned stats

Purging infinity 33k damage
Akurate slagga 11533x3
Puissant norfleet 962455x3
Practible butcher 20955x5
Bee sheild 85118 capacity 154085 amp damage
Legendary solider class mod 39 cooldown...33 gun damage...22 fire rate
Sticky lobbed slag o negitive 82362x8
Bone of the ancients 32 shock damage ...37.6 cooldown

I have all these and more...if u have any items i need lets dupe im on now so message me on xbox
Xbox gt shadow angel81