This game is amazing.

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User Info: curtland

4 years ago#1
Holy crap.

I enjoyed the first one enough, but it didn't blow me away.

This one is just addicting. I played through and beat this once, and immediately started four other games with the other characters. I never play through a game more than once, but this just keeps sucking me back in.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

Okay, sorry for the blogfaqs, I just needed to get that out.
Only idoits can't spell.

User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#2
I just got to level 36. I'm on my second play thru

User Info: CaptainWolf

4 years ago#3
Good fun, innit? Even without XBL Gold I can't ignore this game.
The loot. It beckons.
Let's fly to the castle!
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User Info: ginganinja22

4 years ago#4
This is the only game i have played for a month... And i usually play my xbox like an hour per week, but once i started up on borderlands 2 again... Well, its more than an hour per week now XD
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  3. This game is amazing.

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