What would Archer's skill trees be like?

#21smo1001Posted 4/24/2013 5:33:57 PM
Action Skill: RAMPAGE!!
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smo1001 posted...
Action Skill: RAMPAGE!!

How did I not think of that?
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"This is why we can't have nice things". Not sure what it would do.
#24LordofHuntersPosted 4/26/2013 10:29:00 AM
tony8669 posted...
"This is why we can't have nice things". Not sure what it would do.

15% chance that one hit to your shields will deplete them as well as increase recharge delay by 30% while giving you 100% bonuses to all other stats until your shields start to recharge again.
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Oh, and "Terms of Enrampagement" has to be a skill as well.
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smo1001 posted...
Action Skill: RAMPAGE!!

YES. Hit LB, and he pulls out a sawed-off shotgun and a joint, and screams "SURVEY SAYS!". His movement speed decreases by 50%, but his damage increases by 300% and reload speed doubles. Each kill during Rampage adds two seconds to the duration, restores 10% health, and causes Archer to yell "WOOOO"!
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#27Blade_Of_IcePosted 4/26/2013 11:10:06 AM
His melee attack is a glass of scotch, or a lacrosse stick

smo1001 posted...
Action Skill: RAMPAGE!!

and as soon as its activated he yellls WOO!!!

#28mudballmanPosted 4/26/2013 11:23:10 AM
Skill: Mild Tenitas

Effect:weapon damage goes up 5% each point but sounds are replaced with a ringing noise

Skill:Count bullets-ula

Effect: ammo capacity for guns inceases with each upgrade
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This thread made me realize Lana Kane is a gunzerker.
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I don't care how they'd make the lore work, please combine two of my favorite things and put archer in borderlands!

He touched my p with his p. Head and shaft. He just whipped it out and was all like *bwoop*
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