What will you name your Krieg?

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User Info: Jambi_Man

3 years ago#21
Bill Cutting
Would you like to do battle with a Brony riding piggyback on a Rabid Stalker? If the answer is no, you are sad, and I've no desire to speak with you further.

User Info: 2Love4Life

3 years ago#22
At this point in time I won't be buying him so Mine shall Remain either Krieg or Nameless...
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Treat Everyday as your last because tomorrow may never come.

User Info: GreatGatsby37

3 years ago#23
Keith, the world's least threatening name

User Info: synthetiksin

3 years ago#24
Aiden, Jaiden, Kayden, and any rage inducing names.

Although, realistically, I'll just be me pretending that people will see the name.

User Info: imjinxed13

3 years ago#25
Imabananadean posted...
Brick, and he will be the prettiest <3

i PUNCH the initiative...

User Info: Pokemon_Z

3 years ago#26
Coming Soon

User Info: deadlyfred

3 years ago#27
Sam thing I always name my characters... Butt Stallion
XBL GT: Ki11er Six (ONES - not L's with a space between the word)
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User Info: SinisterBlade

3 years ago#28
What is a man?!
A miserable little pile of secrets!

User Info: DragoonFenix

3 years ago#29
XBL: Dragoon Fenix

User Info: IzuyaKusunagi69

3 years ago#30
Mr. PsychoChaCha
B****, you just jealous of my Super Sayian swagga!
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