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3 years ago#1
As a anarchy/shock mechromancer, what would be the better choice? A shock avenger, or a shock butcher? Butcher does more damage, but runs out of ammo too fast, and the avenger has the opposite pros/cons.
GT: Ulhar ixen
3 years ago#2
I think the Avenger is great for Gaige, since the bullets fired from the gun are in fact boosted by anarchy.

It works great to throw a few of those at high stacks, because they will destroy things, and then you can switch to a slow hand to kill.

If I was going to build a gaige, it would be fire/acid slow hands, shock avenger, slag rubi, slag grenades, and a black hole. It would use Discord, blood soaked shields, anarchy, interspersed outburst, and wires don't talk. I'd never call DT.

But, I'm not going to play gaige.
3 years ago#3
Oh, I had no idea the bullets shot by the gun after you throw it are affected by the anarchy stacks.
GT: Ulhar ixen
3 years ago#4
That's why it's a pretty gnarly weapon with Gaige.
3 years ago#5
Are the avengers bullets from the reload throw also effected by close enough? That would be insane!
PSN & GT: darkstar5577
3 years ago#6
I don't know, I wouldn't spec in to close enough for fear of bad karma.
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