Well just lost my save.. anyone able to boost me to 50 or 61?

#1SyxxPakk6Posted 4/28/2013 1:33:08 AM
I have MOST of my items stored on a mule character that is saved on my HDD. I had my character saves etc on my Memory Card (PHAT 360 Card not USB) and apparently it died on me.. my mule is just all level 1's and not actual character back ups.

Is there anyone that can boost me or instant level me back up to 50? I just bought the 61 cap and I'd rather only get boosted to 50 and do the other 11 myself but if not 61 is better than starting over.

If you can help please inbox me here or xbox live. My GT is below, first lever is a i last is a L thanks.
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