What guns should I use on my Gunzerker?

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3 years ago#1
I ask because while Vladof pistols have served me pretty well, sometimes the accuracy loss makes hitting people really hard without running into close range, which tends to get me killed in larger firefights even in Gunzerk. SASG helps but if the bullets aren't hitting in the first place then it's difficult to proc. Basically it's just inconsistent, I either chew threw everything or miss everything and go down like a noob.

So what are some good weapon options? I've been thinking about dumping SASG and grabbing some Hyperion weapons (because the glitch makes them worthless together), but haven't had a chance to test it. Bear in mind that i'm just starting TVHM with him so most legendaries/uniques aren't really available yet (or would be pointless to farm for).
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3 years ago#2
Using a slag Rubi in your left hand will make everything a lot easier. Sticking to whatever you have that does the most damage, which usually means using the appropriate element, in your right hand is always good. I've had good luck with about anything Maliwan. Torgue handguns and assault rifles and most all shotguns work well for the right hand, too. Snipers are really the only Vladof guns I use and I don't usually use them while Gunzerking.
3 years ago#3
Torque weapons work nicely in crowded firefights, especially with the Overkill and Moneyshot skill (The latter bolstered by guns that consume 2-4 ammo per shot). Splash damage ensures you'll get some good damage in. The low fire-rate also helps prevent accuracy from spiralling out of control

Vladof and Jakob pistols generally aren't a good idea for Gunzerking if you can't last being up close for long, due to the dwindling accuracy.

I also find elemental Sniper Rifles handy for long-distance fights. The large space between you and the enemy means they can suck up the status effects whilst you hide behind cover. Hyperion pistols work nicely as well.
3 years ago#4
Crit Fibber/Your favorite pistol to abuse such things.
3 years ago#5
A pair of Butchers. Fire endlessly and activate Money Shot twenty times in a row. A pair of Lyudas is also pretty good, but you will run out of ammo.
3 years ago#6
Another nice thing about the splash damage from the Torgue weapons when used with Rubi is you get more consistent health regeneration. Any time I go into FFYL it's becasue there was a time that I wasn't doing damage. If you can prevent that from happening, which is easy because of the splash damage, it's easier to stay alive.

The same goes for elemental DOT weapons. The healing from the DOT effects is probably more useful than the damage itself. Because of this, if you get Keep Firing... and I'm Your Huckelberry and use a relic that adds pistol damage or a Maliwan allegiance relic you can use a Rubi and a Maliwan pistol, just hold down both fire buttons and destroy just about everything without too much trouble. It's all stuff that's easy to get, too (assuming you thought to get a slag Rubi) and you can get at least one point in all those skills at level 37 (early to mid TVHM).

The Jakobs shotguns do kind of require you to be close for them to work super well. They do super huge damage to slagged enemies up close, though. The Deputy's Badge and All in the Reflexes will help with reload speed, which is another down side of using them.

Something I find that helps is switching up strategies during longer maps as well. If you use Gunzerking a lot then you'll refill the ammo you use from one strategy (two pistols) while you're using another (slag SMG and shotgun).
3 years ago#7
As far as the Rubi goes, I already said uniques are more or less out of the equation... >_> Its level is kinda irrelevant though I guess I could sacrifice some damage and go grab one from Normal mode but eh, i'm building up the Brawn tree so i'll just play around with other weapons and play less recklessly for now.
My name is Booya, and tacos rule (b^_^)b
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