Maya: "Hmm...there's pros and cons to each"

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User Info: illbzo1

3 years ago#1
When comparing two guns: gun A is a direct upgrade of gun B.

haha what
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User Info: spfurm01

3 years ago#2
Wait there's dialog for comparing weapons?
We know Gavorn's tricks! We leave!
Salvador: "Hmmmmmmm, one of yous gotta go."

Gaige: "Numbers numbers, math math math..."

User Info: DMan304

3 years ago#4
Zero: "Comparisons made / But which is superior? / A tough decision."

User Info: masterjed29

3 years ago#5
Gaige: Show me some green arrows.
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User Info: Dwaze_Zaken

3 years ago#6
Axton: Decisions, decisions...
Dib: Sorry, I'm late. Horrible nightmare visions!
Ms. Bitters: It's called life, Dib. Sit down.

User Info: mightymike2035

3 years ago#7
Salvador: " I hate doing math"
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User Info: Cyber Akuma Zero

Cyber Akuma Zero
3 years ago#8
Gaige: Awwww, I wanna use them both!
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User Info: xboxBUNZILLA

3 years ago#9
Just discovered Maya, how you liking her kbeezy ??
word to the wise, turn off your BAR before you dashboard. :)
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User Info: nkohn26

3 years ago#10
This thread is awesome.
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