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3 years ago#1
Hi, I just started with the commando since gaige is now 61. I got him up to level 51 and lets just say i went from 14 million dollars to 9 million lol. Can anyone point me in the right direction build wise up to a level 51 for UVHM?

I have the red tree (dual turrets that are shielded, and didnt select the magnet turret thing). the green tree up til the rockets then I put the very last in the blue tree. Any help is appreciated.

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3 years ago#2
Sorry that this dosen't answer your question, but did you go anarchy with Gaige? If so Is it good?
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3 years ago#3
I maxed out the green tree still giving deathtrap a shield, and then took the anarchy tree down to discord. I tried the shock just didnt work for me. I finally decided to put points in the close enough skill, that helped a lot.
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3 years ago#4
pretty much 2 main builds for axton imo. Either you're putting all your skills into the turrets to make them godly, 26 skills to get 2 turrets, another 26 to give them a double mounted gun that slags.(very good in UVHM) then put the last 4 in the last tree to make the most out of the legendary soldier mod you should be using.

or go full Launcher build in which case I'd only put 26 to get the 2 turrets then in the gunpowder tree get up to that skill that gives 10% to grenades and launchers put the rest into sentry(increasing is duration, give it missiles. And I flat out love that kill streak skill that gives you movement speed and gun damage. Combined it with a relic that gives 30+% in launcher damage and use the fleet/sham combo. Invincible build right there. I have 63.1% more launcher damage overall and one shot EVERYTHING.
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3 years ago#5
where can I obtain better relics? Ive been lacking good relics and shields for level 50 characters while leveling them up. No im not asking for dupes, just in general
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3 years ago#6
Imo loot midgets are a great source for farming relics. I'm running a 61 commando with two turrets and slag and they wreck face. the best place for loot midgets is wildlife exploitation preserve while having doctors orders active.
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3 years ago#7
im not there yet because im only lvl 51
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3 years ago#8
1) Take Double Up or use a Slagga.
2) Phalanx Shield is useless in UVHM because it goes down in one bullet. -- GT: Gears of Wario
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3 years ago#9
Jkickit posted...
1) Take Double Up or use a Slagga.
2) Phalanx Shield is useless in UVHM because it goes down in one bullet.

I still throw on the shield because it's only one point(but if you really want an extra point into one of the skills above it on the skill tree it won't hurt the turret(s) performance much if you don't have it, but I agree on the fact that you will probably want to prioritize getting Double Up(for slag) and then putting your points into the middle tree to try and get some of those abilities that boost your own gun/launcher/grenade damage until you hit the level where you can get to the bottom of the tree with Phalanx Shield in which I'd remove the points from the middle tree and place them into the right tree to get Gemini. (Two Turrets) Oh and if you can try to get a rubi for your character, slag seems to be popular, it heals you for almost any damage you deal while it's out to keep your health above the level to where the health gate will prevent you from getting one-shotted.
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3 years ago#10
I've been messing around with builds with my commando lately...and this is my conclusion:

I can make a stronger build by only going with ONE capstone. Yes, since the level cap increase, you can have two capstones. But I think everyone's getting so caught up in the fact with any character, you can max out two skill trees.

So what I've done, is use the legendary class mod, 26 points in Guerilla while skipping Crisis Management and Laser Sight, and only putting 3 points into the grenades. I put 22 points into Gunpowder, but I stopped at only one point in Do or Die. No nuke. And I skipped Overload and Duty Calls. I put the other 8 remaining points equally into the top 2 in the Survival tree.

I use that build and class mod, with an ancient relic that boosts 62.something% launcher ammo, and max health increase. With a 61 norfleet, logan's gun, and sham. And I just run around destroying everything. Seems to be working very well these days. Just doesn't dominate I thought it would against things like Terra, Badassasaurus, or Ultimate Badass threshers...
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