weapons from bl1 you miss that are not in bl2

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killbot357 posted...
regornam posted...
An AR that I actually use. It's tragic how they got the short shrift in BL2. Tragic I say!

Yeah except for Blasters and some Vladof ARs they're not great.

True, the Shreds were great for my 'zerker, but I use Axton in UVHM. No room for AR's: Hellfire/Hornet/Slagga/Shock CC (or Non-elemental Butcher) is my go-to loadout these days.
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Ogre, Serpens, Draco, Orion, Nemesis, Aries.
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Cruxes and all ss assault rifles. The ogre as well. I pop in borderlands 1 once in awhile to use them. I good one topped 300 damage and still did more damage than the ones in BL 2.
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Pestilent Defiler and Pestilent crux... Of course the Hellfire with scope
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Double anarchy.
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Burst ARs and Altas ARs in general. True, burst ARs are in the game but it's not the same. :(
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Borderlands 1 Cobra. It was one of the most versatile weapons in the game due to its semi automatic fire, good power and accuracy and high bonus explosive damage. The fact the Cobra in this has a very low fire rate and snipers in general are far more reliant on criticals makes it a much less versatile weapon.

I also miss the Bessie and would love a sniper with the same perfect scopped accuracy for an Anarchy Gaige.
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IzuyaKusunagi69 posted...

While I, too, preferred the Elephant Gun in the first game, wouldn't the Elephant Gun (or maybe even the Buffalo) existing in the second game pretty much disqualify this gun from fitting into this topic?

And the only reason I preferred this gun in the first game (as opposed to this one) is because there are much better sniper rifles in this game when it comes to DPS.
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Orions & Defilers
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I miss revolvers in general. The bl2 kind is just... meh