Favorite Legendary: Sniper Rifles

#1gunsndrosesPosted 5/1/2013 3:46:55 AM
What's your favorite legendary sniper rifle? - Results (90 votes)
13.33% (12 votes)
1.11% (1 votes)
8.89% (8 votes)
17.78% (16 votes)
13.33% (12 votes)
Lyuda / White Death
45.56% (41 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The Skullmasher is Jakobs, and I have a minor obsession with Jakobs... Plus, *most* of the other snipers rely on elemental damage, which I don't like.

So my vote goes to the Skullmasher.

Previous Winners:
Shield: The Sham (31.58%)
Pistol: Unkempt Harold (45.45%)
Assault Rifle: Shredifier (43.04%)
Shotgun: Conference Call (50.78%)
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#2SinisterBladePosted 5/1/2013 4:18:23 AM

It has more flexibility, and the splitting rounds can do serious work to cyrsalisks and especially Loaders, something you will be fighting constantly after around the midpoint in campaign.

The Masher doesn't feel the same.
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#3WretchedOwlPosted 5/1/2013 5:15:33 AM
I find the Skullmasher exceedingly underwhelming when you're actually using it as a sniper rifle. The pellet spread on it is just atrocious and makes for little to no damage when used at a distance. Maybe a perfect Skullmasher with the accuracy accessory might remedy this problem seeing as it'd cut the pellet spread in half.

Anywho, my vote goes to the Volcano all day every day. It gets some outrageous damage when it procs on that 80% damage boost. And I love dual wielding Volcanoes with my Gunzerkerrrr.
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#4gunsndroses(Topic Creator)Posted 5/1/2013 10:39:43 AM
Single bump
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#5KellyRipyaPosted 5/1/2013 10:42:45 AM
White Death/Lyuda for sure. The first Legendary that every dropped for me and still always a part of my every load out. You just can't beat that fire rate, great sniper to no scope.

Pitchfork is always fun too, that would be second. And then the Cobrahhh
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#6jreed1337Posted 5/1/2013 10:49:23 AM
honestly none of them. prefer blues and purples in the sniper realm.
#7SinisterBladePosted 5/1/2013 11:18:53 AM
jreed1337 posted...
honestly none of them. prefer blues and purples in the sniper realm.

Take it for what it is. Hes asking about favorite legendary sniper rifles, not favorite in general.
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#8hybrid_5tigmataPosted 5/1/2013 11:20:49 AM
Although theyre not legendaries. I love the cobra(my favorite in this game thus far) and the pimpernel. Theyre effects are so awesome. But in terms of legendaries only, i guess i'd say the skullmasher
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#9JkickitPosted 5/1/2013 11:24:30 AM
I voted Pitchfork. Corrosive one on Loaders is just too good. White Death is also nice.
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#10Scorpion122178Posted 5/1/2013 11:24:46 AM
so far these poll's are going the way I expected them too, Norfleet is going to stomp when its voted on along with the baby maker
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