Is level damage scaling still in the game?

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Bump, can I get a consensus on the answer here?
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godrifle1 posted...
Bump, can I get a consensus on the answer here?

drake_skull posted... Its not noticeable compared to the original. I never looked at the tables but Skull enemies are killable, they just take a bit longer. In BL1 you didnt go after them because of the DR.

Scroll down to 'Borderlands 2'.

"Enemies three or more levels above the player take less damage."
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I've also found the weapon level has a huge effect as well (so it's not ALL about character level).

If you don't believe me, go fight a lvl 50 Terramorphous with a level 35 weapon but a 50 (or heck, even 61) character. It's not even going to scratch him, even if you're using a Bee.
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Are weapon levels restricted to what your level is? ie can a level 1 player use a level 50 gun?