Vault Burst Siren Skin and XXX Mechro Head!!!!

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3 years ago#1
As mention in the title, I'm interested in this particular skin for the siren and head for the mechromancer, in return I'm offering what loot I have except the Sawbar not giving that up unless it's absolutely wanted.

All items are level 61 unless noted otherwise

Sledge's Shotgun: 59 60
Slagga 60
Sand Hawk: electric
Logan's Gun
Slow Hand: fire
Miss Moxxi's Heart Breaker
Energizing Commerce
Hammer Buster 59 61
Trespasser 59
Judge 60
Orphan Maker
Storm 59 60
Hellfire 60
Miss Moxxi's Good Touch
Pimpernel: slag, shock
Little Evie
Deliverance: 59 shock, 60 no element, 61 corrosive
Tunguska 59
Evil Smasher
Pocket Rocket
Kitten: fire, shock, corrosive
Legendary Berserker mod 59
Psycho heads: double suplex time, zen and the art of meat
Psycho skins: i'm gonna vomit, who said octopus, get styled upon
Rolling Thunder
Leech: fire sticky longbow
Bonus Package: longbow
Captain Blades Midnight Star
Flame of the Firehawk: inflammable
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
Pyrophobia 60
Legendary Siren
Fire Bee: rubberized
Unkempt Harold: double penetrating
Butcher 59
Meteor Shower: longbow

GT: Hellborne Havoc I'm online right now.
3 years ago#2
Psycho heads and skins are now gone, only looking for the Vault Burst siren skin now.
3 years ago#3
i have the xxx head if you still need it...
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