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User Info: wutsthatsmell

3 years ago#31
plasmatic529 posted...
I will be honest and say that I am a very simple bl2 player. I started off grinding away levels and doing all quests and farming for things ive wanted. I had run doing that. I hated it when people would join my game with nodded gear, it felt like a digital slap in the face. Now I have became much less hare core in my own game :P I still play legit but I will openly admit I am an avid fan of nodding and have gotten pretty decent at it. I can make weapons, class mods, heads, anything. I do not make black weapons though. I have my stats nodded on a few chars I use for power leveling friends. BUT I only use those things in my own game or if its a friend I know who just is tired of looking for something and asks me to make it. I dont really see an issue with that. And I mean no offense to some of the elitists on here. Bunzilla, killbot, and a few others have alot of my respect even though I disagree with some things they say. I will say this, I hate people who show absolutely no appreciation. You power level them 20 lvls and their mad you didn't go 30. Sorry for this long and unnecessary post, i will step off my soap box now :P

just out of curiousity, if your able to mod an such...why did you need my power level back then? i power leveled you a character from 1 to 61, but if you can mod you know you can just change your level,skill points and raw data to whatever you wish. just curious why you needed a power level back then thats all.
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User Info: Jkickit

3 years ago#32
Switch to the gearbox forums plasmatic. Also, what do you do on your game? Bosses or something? -- GT: Gears of Wario
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User Info: plasmatic529

3 years ago#33
Recently got into it. I like the gamefaqs forum. Your more than welcome to switch to gearbox forum :)
GT: Plasmatic529
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