Duping melee gear

#1SoloPosted 5/4/2013 7:37:35 AM(edited)
All level 61

Leather law
Swift rapier - slag
Evisceration rubi - slag
Might of the seraphs
Inflammabe love thumper

I am looking for:

Skins and heads
Smg relic

Tag is hsolobr

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#2BarenkyoPosted 5/4/2013 7:18:16 AM
Hey i dont have heads but could u please dupe that gear for me ? i dont have any melee gear and i would really appreciate it
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#3Bonezy_BPosted 5/4/2013 7:22:30 AM
i have a bunch of extra heads, what ones you lookin for?
#4Solo(Topic Creator)Posted 5/4/2013 7:23:59 AM
If you dont have what I need, just invite me anyway.

To tell the truth, I am not really sure which heads I am missing.
getting moderated builds character
#5Solo(Topic Creator)Posted 5/4/2013 7:25:14 AM
Just let me know it is about the gear first
getting moderated builds character
#6BarenkyoPosted 5/4/2013 1:06:57 PM
Hey i sent u a message i will be on throughout the day just give me a message on this or xbox when ur ready
GamerTag : Terra Turarth