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User Info: PTP2009

3 years ago#1
I just got up to Level 5 of the "Nothing Rhymes With Orange..." challenge by just playing the first two playthroughs normally. Got 5 oranges from loot midgets in TVHM, including 3 from the infamous room in WEP. Got a bonus package in both playthroughs, then went to farm one at lvl 50 and got one the first time, but it was rubberized, so I tried again and got a longbow sticky 2 runs later.

Compare this to like, 5 total in 8 previous playthroughs.


User Info: illbzo1

3 years ago#2
Seems like they have been to me.

A chubby stalker dropped an explosive Bunny for me in UVHM the other day, then Scorch gave up a level 60 Hellfire after 8 tries or so. And today I found a level 14 Sticky Fire Leech grenade mod in the vending machine in Marcus' store, while playing my level 19 assassin.

I don't think that last one really counts, but it's the first legendary I've seen in a vending machine.

Cool story bro!
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User Info: monster138

3 years ago#3
My lvl 25 siren already has gotten 8 legendary's to drop. 5 from BA's in the WEP.
As apposed to my commando who got nothing PT1 and 2 in tvhm.
Kinda nice
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User Info: packman1010

3 years ago#4
I was having trouble with my normal PT assassin, so I went to farm a Maggie on my siren for him. Zaford dropped it second try.
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User Info: DRCEQ

3 years ago#5
It might explain why I got two Pearls within the same hour yesterday.
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3 years ago#6
I don't know about enemy drop rates, but chests have been much better to me lately. Just now, I got a Sawbar (pearl!) and a Deliverance in one run at the Leviathan treasure chamber. In a few previous runs, I got a Rolling Thunder, two Invaders, a White Death, and Sledge's Shotgun. Two weeks ago, I got maybe one orange out of every six or seven runs. Now I'm seeing one in nearly every run.
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User Info: Jkickit

3 years ago#7
If only more oranges dropped from the invincibles, I love killing those SOBs.
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User Info: Lawlfulcoptors1

3 years ago#8
I got a level 50 bee in about 20 tries from hellquist. An also an orange corrosive grenade mod from that boss, that comes down the elevator? First try.

User Info: CaptainWolf

3 years ago#9
I got a Hellfire from Scorch(first try), an Emperor from a LLM and a Maggie from a chest just a couple days ago, and I've found maybe three Legendaries in my entire play-time pre-UVHM.
So yeah, I'd say they've improved. That, or "random is random".
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User Info: shnangyboos

3 years ago#10
I got 3 Hornets in 7 kills the other day, then went and got 2 Slaggas in like 8 kills. I was quite pleased.
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