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3 years ago#1
Is it still possible to do this? My boyfriend and I used to get money this way and now that he has a CC, we were going to dupe it for my char, but it d oesn't seem to be working anymore. Is it still possible to do and if so, can someone please explain it to me? In the simplest way possible.
3 years ago#2
Have item on BF character:
You log in as first player>BF log in as second player>Start Game> Have BF drop item>BF use console button>Sign out (using "x")> BF sign back in>Rejoin game

Should be in BF inventory as well as on the floor where he dropped it.
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3 years ago#3
You can also:

Place the CC in your BF's inventory.

Initiate a trade.

Have your BF put the CC up for trade. Then duel for it.

Have him equip it to his character's load-out and drop it.

Defeat him in the duel. Pick up the spare CC from the ground.

And voila, you have two copies of your CC.
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3 years ago#4
Me and my brother dupe split screen by USB, he would copy a save into the USB stick(he is the main user on the Xbox) then load it drop all the legendarys I pick it up then save and quit, load up the game again and loads his save from the hdd instead of the memory stick.
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3 years ago#5
All these methods work but I'd just like to add you should be careful and don't try rushing the process. Take your time until you've got it down or you may lose something. I've been there and done that =/
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