True Vault Hunter, what to expect

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2 years ago#1
Im a nood just beat the main game, I'm like level 32.

Also, whats the deal with the warrior? he seems basically impossible to beat unless I kinda glitched him out by standing back in the back where his attacks couldnt reach me.

Also, some bad buys are rocking me. I feel like I'm playing diablo with no armor. Sometimes a big bullymong with throw a rock at me and if I get hit I'll loose like all 8k shields and most of my health? Is this normal?
2 years ago#2
TVHM is harder, expect some new enemies too. Be sure to upgrade your gear regularly, respec your skills if you're having trouble. Of course the Warrior is going to have a lot of health, he's the main boss. Kind of a tough battle if it's your first time playing and you're doing solo. Maybe find some people to play with.

And if you think this is bad, just wait for UVHM.
GT: Dr Chowder
2 years ago#3
I just started back after a two month hiatus. I'm lvl 40 assassin on TV. Add me and ill play with ya. BDOUGLASC
2 years ago#4
TC I would take TANGGOLF up on his offer. I actually found the first play through to be pretty easy, but I was also probably a bit more leveled than you as I did all but 1 or 2 side missions. Just started back up like TANGGOLF and everything is a little more challenging. Only real trouble though was with the Wildlife Preserve boss ;P (spoiler free).

Honorable mention to the Gluttonous Thresher. He was a bit of a prick too on TVHM for me. Once I looked for some other creative Siren builds though he went down pretty easy.

Don't be afraid to ask or search out advise for a build and respec as you need to. Got to make sure you don't hold on to your lower level equipment too long.
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