WEP vs Empty Thousand Cuts runs question.

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capnovan posted...
I prefer Frostburn Canyon myself. Fatal GOD-liath vs Legendary Loot Midget Marauder. FIGHT!

I'd pay money to see videos of this.
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Phara0hMan posted...
Four Skulls posted...
I like TC much better because Baddass Loaders cause me more deaths than Rabids ever will.

I'm farming TC because me (59 Gunzerker) and a friend (55 Siren) ran into the brickwall that is a Badass Constructor on the way up to the Bunker last night.

To help with the constructor, it takes FOREVER, but an easy way to kill him:

1) Have a good sniper, Corrosive Dahl would be excellent.

2) Go just far enough into the complex to spawn the BA Constructor, then retreat back out to just outside the gate to the complex

3) Hug the right side of the gate and pop his crit spot in safety. The only thing it can hit you with is missile barrage; duck fully into cover behind the door when he launches them and you'll go unscathed.

4) Take our surveyors with priority.

The problem we were having is that everything kept on respawning and we'd fall back, and in that time it would despawn. I was sniping it with the a lvl 58 12 Pounder, and got it down to half when it did that. I didn't have a good caustic, and all his stuff was too under leveled to do much good.
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if you can get behind the bada55 constructors, you can just unload on them with the harold and they go down pretty quick.
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Did they hotfix the LLM in WEP? I was doing it for a while and got all ancient relics and a 61 skullmasher by complete luck.

Since then they haven't appeared period.

Any insight anyone? I'm just curious really. I still have thousand cuts to farm if anything.
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capnovan posted...
I prefer Frostburn Canyon myself. Fatal GOD-liath vs Legendary Loot Midget Marauder. FIGHT!

If you want to farm goliaths, I think the easiest place is in The Dust by where The Black Queen can spawn. There's usually one goliath that spawns (you might have to kill 1 or 2 marauders first), goliaths have a very easy time killing spiderants, and there's a million spiderants. Easy GOD-liath every time. Do the trick where you climb the cliff behind the church to get straight there.