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#221TsurukePosted 5/8/2013 7:59:22 PM
rest21 posted...
You sent me a mocking "winning" and yet you still continued to try to rebuff the fact you were trolled and made upset. So why didn't you just leave it at that if you didn't care? because you do :)

I have no idea what being tagged entails, but thanks for further proving how greatly I upset you by doing so. Kudos once more for admitting I am your superior.

I love how he mixed in my own words in there because he couldn't come up with anything himself and even more so how I already had noted he wasted hours on here crying to me when the whole while I supposedly didn't matter and now its because he wanted to spend those two hours "swiftly"

I never backpedaled on my own words. You did. So I sweated? Again showing your desperation.

tl;dr: He's upset he got caught being upset and is now leaving to the comfort of his pillow cry.
Another notch for me. Anyone else? 500 for legendary status :)

You fail to see the fact I never said I don't care. I said I don't care what you think about me (in being called a muppet -- never phased me seeing how me never clearly explained what it was and went on to flame/attempt troll me). Clearly I must be upset if you say so. Your word is law! Oh Noes! And you say I'm the one with a fixation. lol
This kid.

Well, I'm done making this troll sweat and trip over his own words after reading all of his backpedaling. I truly hope to see you get better at this. Because at first it wasn't entertaining at all, but I started to be for me once I saw you slip up and sweat. Then seeing all of this backpedaling, using others vocabulary, and putting texts in posts that doesn't exists -- is just getting boring now.

Good luck broseph. Don't try too hard, maybe I'll take that tag off you in the future.
#222rest21Posted 5/8/2013 8:02:07 PM
Oh man. This guy got so worked over. He clearly dug himself in a hole of humiliation. Once again falling back on his loop of failed logic and semantics. Its ridiculous how far someone will go to try to save face. This is when you know you have really gotten under someones skin.

Lesson to all. Don't say someone matters and proceed to waste 2+ hours on them knowing that is what their purpose was from the start. Else you'll end up like this poor, pitiful Tsu.

I'm so awesome.
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Oh man, resorting to flaming now rest21?
Yup, you got it! You are riiiiiiight!
#224rest21Posted 5/8/2013 8:07:14 PM
Says hes done and then proceeds to continue with his whine.

This is what happens when you work someone over. They just keep betraying their own words in hopes to get you and all the while you're just laughing at how you pull their strings.

This win is bittersweet. On the one hand he was enjoyable, on the other hand to see him so desperate makes me feel bad..

Psych. Another win.
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rest21 posted...
On the one hand he was enjoyable, on the other hand to see him so desperate makes me feel bad..

huh I thought you previously said you weren't into online relationships
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I wonder if this will get to 500.
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killbot357 posted...
rest21 posted...
On the one hand he was enjoyable, on the other hand to see him so desperate makes me feel bad..

huh I thought you previously said you weren't into online relationships

He was an enjoyable muppet, duh! Are you still upset I didn't reciprocate your feelings? Don't worry, hes not special or anything, so no need to feel jealous, okay?

And on that hilarious note I'm out a few. Someone else take over and keep it going.

To Tsu since I know you'll continue to post even though you have already stated twice over you were done(once explicitly, other time implied) I'll leave this for you to mull over.

hahahahha, I won again :)
#228TsurukePosted 5/8/2013 8:15:12 PM
lol at people thinking "being done from posting in the thread" and "being done with a troll" are the same thing.

KRAXUR posted...
I wonder if this will get to 500.

It was looking like that but meh, I got bored so my contribution started to declined
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rest21 posted...
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
Tsuruke posted...
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
Lmfao the 21st rest to post on gfaqs is my Muppet groupie. He'll deny it, and try to deflect, but it's true.

Hahahahahahah get worked Muppet

Too bad im not into dudes, eh groupie?

lol I see it.
Maybe you can teach him Trolling 101 if he is on his best behavior.

I don't think he's capable of learning. He's been using the same boring material for 100+ posts.

In not gonna shame my school by teaching this Muppet.

You flatter me with such mimicry. Perhaps one day, years and years from now you can shadow me better, its good to have goals for yourself. Continue to stalk me and cheer me on. Showing to all how greatly I upset you.

you're actually mimicking me, Muppet.

Lol get worked Muppet groupie.

Also, im going to bed. If this thread doesn't have 400 posts when I wake up, I will be disappoint.
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post randomly :D

How log does it take for Mexicans to-HOLY **** they're done.

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