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User Info: MoReaverX

3 years ago#1
LF a lvl 50 legendary commando mod. If anyone has one the would be willing to dupe I'd greatly appreciate it. I do have a legendary assassin mod that is lvl 50 if someone would rather trade.
VV DovahKiin VV

User Info: EasygoingBird

3 years ago#2
I've got one, but won't be on until later, maybe around 8 central time. If you don't get anyone else, you can add me, GT in sig
GT: Dr Chowder

User Info: MoReaverX

3 years ago#3
alright thx :) ill go ahead and add you
VV DovahKiin VV

User Info: mysim12345

3 years ago#4
I can help out with that. Ill trade the commando mod for the assassin. or if you would rather just to dupe.
Xbox Live GT: NinjaWAFFL3 303

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