Have Infinities, rubis, sloths and much more. Need Conference calls

#1SC00B323Posted 5/8/2013 3:18:54 PM
Title says it all.

I need Level 61 Conference calls. More than willing to dupe for other cool gear as well.

GT is SC00BYDoobie 47 the o's in scooby are zeros

#2SC00B323(Topic Creator)Posted 5/8/2013 3:22:10 PM
Grabbing dinner. Add me or message me if you want gear.
#3brianvolk42Posted 5/8/2013 3:27:13 PM
I have a shock CC I can give you. Waiting on someone for the other elements. Send me a message on Live.

GT: brianvolk42
#4XtremeEXCALIBERPosted 5/8/2013 5:02:02 PM
I have a slag cc I could dupe you if you still need one.
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#5EX_KoakumaPosted 5/16/2013 1:59:01 AM