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3 years ago#1
I have a few items that I can dupe if anybody has some adequate trades. I AM LEVEL 59 SO NONE OF THESE ARE LEVEL 61. Sorry :(


Rapid Infinity (Lvl 54)
Dmg: 15686
Accuracy: 89.6
Fire Rate: 7.3
Reload: 2.3
Non Elemental

Prataxis Norfleet (Lvl 50)
Dmg: 219359 (x3)
Accuracy: 85.2
Fire Rate: 1.1
Reload: 5.0
Burn Dmg/Sec: 4327.1
Chance to Ignite: 33.8

Legendary Hunter Class Mod (Lvl 55)
Cooldown: +37%
Crit Dmg: +31%
Reload Speed: +17%
+5 Headshot
+5 Fast Hands
+5 Killing Blow
+5 Iron Hand
Using Deception instantly recovers 10% health

The Bee (Lvl 55)
Capacity: 51601
Recharge: 24576
Recharge Delay: 8.40
Amp Dmg: +72116
Amp Shot Drain: 0


Sheriff's Badge (Lvl 55)
Pistol Dmg: +22.2%
Pistol Fire Rate: +56%
Fight For Your Life Time: +!5%
Increases FFYL time and Max Health by 15% for every player with it equipped

Sidewinder Quad (Lvl 56)
Dmg: 16682 (x18)
Accuracy: 23.5
Fire Rate: 11.5
Reload Spd: 2.6
Mag Size: 8
Consumes 4 ammo per shot
Fires as fast as you can pull trigger


Potential Butcher (Lvl 57)
Dmg: 11707 (x3)
Accuracy: 75.8
Fire Rate: 7.0
Reload Spd: 3.9
Mag Size: 13
Chance to Slag: 12%
Firing increases accuracy

Nassty Sawbar (Lvl 58)
Dmg: 13726
Accuracy: 88.9
Fire Rate: 5.1
Reload Spd: 6.8
Mag Size: 105
Burn Dmg/Sec: 9586
Chance to Ignite: 6%

Most of this stuff is ideal for Assassins, and I realize that these not being level 61 is a bummer, but if you are level 55+ going through UVHM this stuff will help a ton if you don't have better equipment! For trades, I am looking for level 58 or 59 legendaries/pearlescents or I will take a low level modded weapon (around level 10 or so), or a higher level Bee or other shield/relic.

3 years ago#2
The class mod also has +5 Counter Strike as well
3 years ago#3
Also, I would love if anybody has a lvl 58+ slag machine pistol. I have one that is decent now doing 14K damage but a better one would be awesome.
3 years ago#4
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