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After getting revived, he put a sock on his d*** and went spread eagle.
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Zer0, embarrassed and blushing, cupped his hand across his mouth as he realized death had not cured him of his life-long struggle with Tourettes Syndrome
All those moments will be lost in time, like Evisceration Rubi's in Borderlands 2.
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Gaige then wanders into the room wearing nothing but a bathing suit, her face crimson as the bad touch smg, with the softest but strangely fierce puppy eyes you've ever seen, like, a rabid skag in a tutu......or the other way around, er, something. She walked slowly, yet sensually towards zero, arms crossed behind her, she looks down as if unsure but looks back up with a staggering surge of confidence. She gazes at Zero, dead in the eyes [wherever they are], leans in slowly, then kisses him, Zer0 now knows her true feels, Gaige leans over, ever so slightly, and grabs Zor-er Zer0's now impossibly oversaturated erect tissue, they kiss one more time [through the helmet] then s-
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After seeing all that. Axton walks in and says his disturbing line of

Wow do you exercise! (At zeros erect zone)
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Then Zer0 says, "And I disappear. A ghost amidst the combat. Preparing to strike."
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lol someone didn't read the rule listed in the topic. ;)
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Sal finally arrives, zerking with a Twister shotty in one hand, and the game of Twister in the other, with 5/5 in divergent likeness....
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"Thanks" I said to the TC.
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