Farming in TVHM nerfed also?

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User Info: Notorizer

3 years ago#1
So I just started playing again and decided to pick up the season pass finally since my friend just got it and started playing. I got myself a sandhawk and had a bee already so decided to run pyro pete for gear, first off he stomped ass about 20 times but i finally killed him and he dropped 1 purple... is this normal on TVHM now?

User Info: bustedknuckles1

3 years ago#2
U can't expect something after killing him once. Sometimes it takes hours even days of farming to get something from a particular boss. If u want something to drop quickly go farm the LLM. I make 10 runs on them and get legendary and pearl drops at least 7 out of ten runs.
GT: Jgodzzz1

User Info: Tsuruke

3 years ago#3
Farming in UVHM/TVHM was not nerfed (I've read somewhere that they raised the chances of loot drops in Normal) that being said, in TVHM/UVHM there are some enemies that have a higher chance of getting a certain type of equipment that is glitched and will force them not to drop said equipment.
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  3. Farming in TVHM nerfed also?

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