Krieg at end game

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StormWolf12 posted...
Can anyone confirm that melee is useless in UVHM?

I can, I used it. I have a Level 1 Binary Rubi & Level 1 Love thumper. They do crap Melee Damage in UVHM. I like Corrosive Infinity + Max Anarchy stacks.
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Krieg vids have his melee from action skill hitting for 2M+(though against level 50 enemies).
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KTG2 posted...
From: loxim | #003
Melee damage in general.

Might I recommend StormWolf's youtube channel and/or learning to play : D

I would be interested in this channel, can you direct me to it? I can't seem to find it on youtube.
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drake_skull posted...
Krieg vids have his melee from action skill hitting for 2M+(though against level 50 enemies).

There is no damage bonus against lower level enemies in this game. As such, you'd hit for two mil against enemies the same level in UVHM
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loxim posted...
Now when you look at it, UVHM kinda ruins this. Melee damage that I have seen in that mode is so miniscule that you don't even bother with it. So when you got to 61 and start doing bosses, your action skill becomes useless on the majority of the bosses themselves. And during some of the group bosses that spawn super badasses and such, the health pools are insanely high.

All UVHM shows is the difference between the people that have no idea what they are doing (aka the people that used Rubi and Love Thumper to carry them) and the people that do.

Melee is perfectly viable on UVHM. It just isn't the same auto-pilot method of winning like it is on lower difficulties where competence, build, and equipment selection doesn't really matter if you have Rubi and Love Thumper.