Me and my crazy adventures to get the infinity pistol.

#1SenorSkeletorPosted 5/15/2013 8:11:56 PM
Back when I was level 10 or so, I was doing the "Medical Mystery" quest, the one where you have to kill doc mercy. After killing him he dropped a infinity for me, I got really excited because this was my first legendary that I found. And soon after, I found a bunch of legendaries like the hell fire, badaboom, striker, deliverence, the bee,the cradle, and a legendary grenade, and the infinity was and still is my favorite pistol in the game. So now my level is 40, and i've given my infinity to my psycho through the secret stash.But when I entered true vault hunter mode, everything changed. Im trying to farm him to get a newer level 38-40 infinity. After farming him for a long while it still hasn't dropped for me. And I mean a loooooonggg time, about 12 hours straight and after that I just farmed him time to time. If anyone has a level 38-40 or so infinity could you dupe one for me or something, that would be great.
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Docs drop rate is glitched in TVHM/UVHM. He will not drop the infinity. THis was proven when someone on PC made a 100% drop rate relic and Doc did not drop it, other named enemies are also glitched like this as well.
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WELL. There goes 12 hours for nothing. Thank you for telling me this btw. I would have spent my whole life trying to get this if it werent for you telling me this.
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Does anyone possibly have a infinity they can dupe for me?
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What level bro?

Got 4-6 infinitys at lvl 50
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I just got a level 26 off the slot machine today. Pretty excited about that. Maybe the slots will be generous to you.
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I am currently level 40.