when will i get a legendary?

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Got it. But only worth doing once youre the max level you're going for?
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cubegod69er posted...
Got it. But only worth doing once youre the max level you're going for?

To get the best loot, yes. If you plan on doing UVHM then leave the farming until you hit 61

At lvl 50 all famed loot will be at that level. You may occasionally get a lvl 49 item but just re-farm for a 50 version

At level 61 the most powerful loot becomes available but again, you may farm a lvl 58/59.

You will need plenty of patience to get some items however
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This might help

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The way guns scale as you level, a legendary you get will be outclassed by most blues/purples within about 5-6 levels of it. You're better off just playing the game normally, upgrading as you go. That's why farming isn't as useful for low levels.

If you need level-appropriate gear in a pinch, the golden chest in sanctuary gives decent equipment for leveling. You can find a list of the still-active golden key codes online (I know orcz.com has a pretty good list if you google it)
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Yeah I check orcz.com a few times a day :) two codes were posted may 15th, FYI