Just starting this game. Other than the compatibility pack am I good to go?

#1Ri0TidePosted 5/16/2013 4:36:09 PM
I plan on playing this game quite a bit, so is there any DLC I should grab right now, or is it fine to just wait until I've finished the out of the box game? I don't want to miss out, or make my experience less enjoyable by not having something I could have had right off the bat.
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#2GrimlockSmashPosted 5/16/2013 4:44:35 PM
Buy the Ultimate Vault Hunter upgrade. It's only 400 MSP and it raises the level cap up to level 61. Other than that, you could buy the extra skins but that's up to you.
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#3ReclusivHearts9Posted 5/16/2013 4:47:46 PM
Yes definently buy the upgrade pack, but save the other DLCs until you know for sure that you like the game because they have mixed reviews. Whether you like them or not is completely opinion based so go with that once you finish the game.
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I would recommend getting the ultimate vault hunter dlc but it depends on whether or not you think you will get the season pass as it comes bundled with the 4 campaign dlcs so works out cheaper that way (mind you there is no point getting the campaign dlc unless you actually really love the main game anyway due to mixed reviews).

The extra characters are pretty good but you can probably hold off buying them yet as there good for extra playthroughs and you may as well finish at least one playthrough with the vanilla characters first.
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