How to kill Pete with a 61 Psycho.

#1FalloutgenuisPosted 5/16/2013 8:42:18 PM
Try this build on Pete and post how well
it works.

Shock infinity
Slag rubi
Shock kitten
Alkaline shield of any kind
Gore Slab mod.
Shock damage relic.
Storm front

Use the kitten as your main damage dealer and use the infinity if low on ammo. Kite around Pete while elemental empathy heals you some. When lower on health switch to the rubi and throw a storm front. Stay on fire without taking caustic damage and kill Pete eventually. Don't hit the waterfalls. I wouldn't use BXR either. Massive magazine bonuses will build so you can hammer on Pete with an increased fire rate and not have to worry about losing stacks ever. This should work really well and give an easy fight.