Let's get something out of the way about Krieg...

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I was just thinking that same thing as far as explosion/bloodsplosion goes. I actually haven't seen that video (yet).

But I'm gonna go ahead and say the same sort of thing I came up with right after UVHM/61 released: Everyone is so caught up on the fact of having 2 capstones. Regardless of the character, with making different builds in different characters, I found that with just ONE capstone, while putting MORE points in the top half of the other 2 skill trees is the better way to go.

That being said, I just built my Krieg (long story short, since I skipped some skills along the way), down to the capstone in Hellfire, and about halfway down on mania and bloodlust.

In that way, I DO in fact, find that Krieg is powerful, and CAN be used on raid bosses, even solo.

STOP CONCENTRATING ON MELEE, you can't freaking melee a raid boss.....concentrate on explosions, fire, and gun damage.
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Aarkshark posted...
KellyRipya posted...
Does he do a lot of damage with Release the Beast? Or does it just look cool?


Mr.Torgue moment lol
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NO. Stop these threads. His action skill is additive and the rapier is multiplicative. End it.
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