Why is Krieg always dying?

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3 years ago#1
I mean always. What exactly am I doing wrong? I have NEVER died this much with a character. Doesn't seem to matter what sort of shield I use. Even when I use his special. his health doesn't replenish with kills. The gauge continues to go down. what's the deal?
3 years ago#2
Some are reporting a bug, where your health is not restored with BXR kills. It happened to me a few times the first night, but it's been good ever since.
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3 years ago#3
What tree are you using?
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3 years ago#4
One of the biggest issues I've noticed was health regen.

So A) Make sure you have the health regen skill 5/5 in the mania tree, and health regen 5/5 in the hellfire tree. B) Find a health regen relic and/or mod. C) Use an evolution shield.

.....respec. Be very conscious of what you're skilled into, and your gear.
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3 years ago#5
I really want to like Krieg but for a character who is designed to be in the middle of the fray, who's action skill cool-down needs him to take damage, he really has trouble mitigating the damage.
3 years ago#6
Release the Beast solves all your problems.
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3 years ago#7
I find it's due to him having little in the way of recovery options, until you get to one or two skills.

Hell, the Hellborn tree usually kills you unless you have some decent gear to keep you alive at the same time.

He's a risk/reward character, which can make him difficult.
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