Would Zombie Mode Make the best DLC?

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User Info: ogschool

3 years ago#1
Ever since I played Undead Nightmare from Red Dead Redemption. I was hoping B2 would do something like that. B2 is a perfect game to have some type of zombie or at least hoard mode. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?

User Info: Eternal K

Eternal K
3 years ago#2
They tried something similar with the Underdome in the first one. It got pretty tedious, especially if you tried the larger tournaments.
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User Info: chuckleswood

3 years ago#3
OG you're an odd troll.
"There it is you guys.....Mee-Krob"

User Info: illbzo1

3 years ago#4
man weren't zombies totally played out like 3 years ago?
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User Info: drake_skull

3 years ago#5
Go get the GOTY of BL1, Dr Neds Zombie Island. Zombies have already been done in Borderlands. They dont need to make a repeat appearance.
"If your going to ask someone to save the world, make sure they like it the way it is"
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