Krieg vs Saturn

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Funny how people want to make suggestions after we already defeated him. All that stuff that was said I already showed TC as we crushed Saturn. We did this hours ago folks ... move along nothing to see here.

Other people read things on this board. ;)

I get that man but come on ... this was HOURS ago and we BEAT him. Does no one pay attention to the posts and their times? Also I can't believe that not one person figured we must have used the tactic of confusing him and keeping near the shack at all times ... that was a little bit insulting considering how long I have been playing this. Not purposely so I am sure, but to think that I would not have thought of such basic tactics when helping TC put Saturn down kinda bugged me a bit.

Refer back to my previous post... Lol

But the random passer by may have gained a bit of info on Saturn with our continued responses. ...

Okay I can admit that you make an excellent point here. And I concede you are correct if we are indeed looking at this thread as a sort of future reference for others. My point was that the TC himself no longer needed the advice.
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Can't wait for more solid advice.
Oh wait you're nine months late to the party.
i play like im Jehovah. Take a rib out of you and make you a chick.
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Well Played, Saturn.

@ Orik... Well put, sir. This is an information board. You get that.

That other guy.... not so much

Edit: ok, you do see my point. That's good to see. :)
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