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3 years ago#21
junky500 posted...
Can I get a Norfleet and Quasar?



sorry man
3 years ago#22
I'd hate to ask for more but do you think you could give me a caustic infinity? If not thats fine.
(message deleted)
3 years ago#24
can i get these plz Blockhead Rapier slag. Retche Actualizer Evolution Veruc corrovise Sledges Shotgun corrosive Shreddifier slag and corrosive plz and thank u gt CEDRICPAIN2009X
went to lockdown in st louis going to the supershow in nebraska the smackdown in topeka ks and money in the bank ppv that is alot of green
3 years ago#25
Ok so I'm done for now. Might be back later tonight. You can still post messages, but I will bump the topic when I am doing this again.
GT: G4nGSt3r Br33zy
3 years ago#26
Need a Conference Call and a Bee if you have them. That would be great. Thank you very much.

GT: AlphaRomeoBlack
"You know what the trouble with wireless controllers is? They don't slow down when you throw them." -holeburner13
3 years ago#27
Thanks Mike. You're a legend. Made the effort to dupe for someone 14 hours in the future.

Sorry I had nothing you're after but if I come across it I'll let you know.
3 years ago#28
Is this still going on??
If so I would like every blue unique gear ranging from lvl 30-61. In five level increments.
Thanks buddy. Appreciate it :)
i keeps it tight. similar to proletarian living situations.
3 years ago#29
if this is still going on i would like a slag rapier a punchee and a hellfire
gt ZACHB1998
3 years ago#30
Is this still going on?
My request hasn't been fulfilled.
What a rip off.
i keeps it tight. similar to proletarian living situations.
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