Give me a reason to buy this game if I hated the first Borderlands.

#11KLOUDrocksPosted 6/14/2013 6:24:33 PM
For what it's worth, the friend I play this with didn't like the first game, but loves this one. It's pretty much the only game we play now, and we've been doing so since it came out (pretty much).

As for your gripes, whereas there really wasn't much of a story in the first one, the second one does actually have one that you're following. It's not exactly mind-blowing, but it was nice to actually continue through the game with a purpose (other than killing and looting).
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Give me a reason why I should care if you buy or dont buy this game.
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I bought this game on a whim with gamestop credit.

This is literally my most played game ever, with tales of symphonis off by a couple hundred hours.

To this very moment I could pop it in and enjoy it. The only time it's not in my Xbox is when I'm waiting for dlc; in which case I grab an rpg.

Yes, I like rpgs and yet a fps with rpg elements is my most played game. Something about this game just grabs you and doesn't let go. I didn't get that feeling with the first.

Tl; dr buy this ****. It's worth it.
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Steve0314 posted...
Give me a reason why I should care if you buy or dont buy this game.

I'm not insane ._.
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