Hey, lets make enemies you cant get a second wind off of and make them the

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There's plenty of other minions during that fight, Reanimated skeletons are popping up all over the place.

No, only skeletaurs spawned.

If you're talking about the kings, there are skeletons. I know, beat them. Lol.

Only Skeletaurs spawned for me. I think there was 1 Reanimated skeleton but he died because he got in the way of a thrown axe.
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Definitely normal skeletons in that battle as well.
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The skeletons with the swords in their back are impossible to kill unless you pull them out, which as we all know, is impossible while you are in fight for your life.

If you only see those specific ones while in FFYL mode, you'd be better off shooting the ground beneath your feet and might as well give up right there and then (respawn and try again).
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