adding new skill trees?

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3 years ago#1
Yeah I am all for an extra, WELL THOUGHT OUT, set of skill trees for all Vault hunters.

This along with a level cap raise to 99, and new Imaginary weapons, would have me drop another $10.

Anyone else?
GT: Wonderpill
3 years ago#2
Not sure if joke topic or serious....hmmm...

IF serious, I'm interested in seeing new skill trees and a higher level cap. The part about "imaginary" weapons makes me think this is a joke though.
GT Forte Baroque
3 years ago#3
Sure. If it extends the life of the game I'm all for it.
Badass Rank: 10
3 years ago#4
What else would be above Legendary and Pearlescent? There are already Chromed and Carbon Fiber guns... whats left but Imaginary?

Not a Joke topic, but not far from the truth, as I have predicted almost everything that Gearbox has done with the DLCs, although I was incorrect about a Torgue SMG.
GT: Wonderpill
3 years ago#5
You predicted the swordsplosion? well done
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