Not sure if this Shift code was posted...

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User Info: Apethrower

3 years ago#11
Actually this on is on the orcz sight, been there for a couple weeks. There's a new one as today though for one key.


User Info: Lahar

3 years ago#12
So it has been there, up til July 17. I don't know how I missed that. Thanks for sharing, guys.
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User Info: Neku_Sanada

3 years ago#13
Thanks dude
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User Info: smurfsn1p3r

3 years ago#14
Code still works. Thanks for sharing.

The bazooka sucks 324K x3(level 61)

Strength relic with 32%melee damage is nice, and a love thumper of 90K roid damage doesn't hurt.

Good stuff for a mania Krieg.
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User Info: Halfazedninja

3 years ago#15
I love all the codes that are out there
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User Info: DreadmasterXD

3 years ago#16
Nice! I got an Alkaline Love Thumper from that but the Roid damage is only 95k :/
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User Info: Lahar

3 years ago#17
That one netted me a Grounded Love Thumper, nowhere near max roid damage, though, but still cool. The Bandit RL turned out better than the one I was carrying so I was happy with that as well. But the Strength relic was just melee override cooldown =/
I said runt.

User Info: smooveken

3 years ago#18
Question from a noob. When you use these codes, are the items you receive ranked the same as your character rank or is the item rank random?

User Info: danishjuggler21

3 years ago#19
I used it with a new character so that the items are level 1. It's pretty cool having a level 1 launcher lol.
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  3. Not sure if this Shift code was posted...

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