Soloing the new raid boss? (Spoiler)

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It's the last quest I have to do to complete all the quests in Tiny Tina's AODK, but yeah I have similar equipment as bahroo in that video except I have moxxis heartbreaker instead of a fire interfacer.

Well I suppose a shock interfacer might not be too painful to farm but do you think a Norfleet is absolutely necessary or would another rocket work as well?

I never really considered the rockets would be needed to take the dragons out unless they have a slither of health left. Also the firehawk shield would clear the basilisk out without you needing the rockets, but what I would say to bring to this fight is a fast recharging shield because if the shield stops releasing nova damage, it's gameover for Krieg even with the grog nozzle.
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You could probably use a Badaboom or something.

Bahroo goes for speed. He has plenty of raid boss vids (including dragons) that don't use Norfleet.

Hell, the guy beat UVHM and Magic slaughter dome with Krieg using no gear whatsoever.

Nice. I just need to subscribe to his channel.
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