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3 years ago#1
Send me a message on xbl and ill invite you. Take what you want but try and leave some for other people. I got about 30 or so pearls and 20 or so legendarys and a few blues and etech laying around sanctuary.
GT: sensimilla0013
3 years ago#2
Forgot to mention that they are all 61
GT: sensimilla0013
3 years ago#3
Why do I always find these giveaway topics after I sign off. Oh well guess I'll find one another day.
Gamertag: Shadow Dragons0
3 years ago#4
Thank you much sir!
Gamertag: LDK ShockeR
3 years ago#5
There will always be more. Just message me tomorrow
GT: sensimilla0013
3 years ago#6
People are dropping good items as they leave. Still going
GT: sensimilla0013
3 years ago#7
is this still going ? if so can i get an invite ?
GT: solbadguy 666
3 years ago#8
I'm down
Gt: The Jewbecobra
3 years ago#9
Still going for about 20 mins
GT: sensimilla0013
3 years ago#10
It would be great help if it is still going on

GT bubblyduty
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