Shift codes wirth 5keys

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PlayStation 3: C3CJJ-W6XZ3-ZH5CJ-STKJ3-RXH5X

They're active until the 8th July :) and worth 5keys!
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Sorry for the typo in the title :( feel bad now :(
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3 Keys




Another 5 Keys

Xbox: W3W3B-6R5JT-SF93X-56BBT-6XFSB


PS3: W3CTB-J669B-S9WCB-ZTK3J-959W5
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Thanks dudes.
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Polypropylen posted...
Sorry for the typo in the title :( feel bad now :(

Because of the 13 keys I got from this thread I'm going to go ahead and forgive ya.
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Jackpot of keys!
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Where do you enter these codes?
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I can't redeem any of these codes :(
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knight1014139 posted...
Where do you enter these codes?

at the main menu, go to the "Extras" menu, and select "Shift Codes", it will bring up a new menu listing all the shift codes you've redeemed, Press X at this menu to bring up the box where you enter the codes

Also, major props TC and other guy (lol), thanks for this
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Let's keep this bumped til I get home. I'm like, visiting parents and stuff, so I won't be online all day. Damn you, independence day!
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