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User Info: LordElohim

3 years ago#11
Dude, if you want to play modded stuff, play on PC and go crazy. This is the XBOX 360 board for Borderlands. I have no issue with duping, I love the exploits and stuff that eventually gets patched, that stuff is cool. Anything that could get you ban hammered by Microsoft, ie modding and whatnot, that stuff I take issue with. I'm a hypocrite, as I just accepted all of the skins from someone who had to have a modded save, but I am willing to admit I am a hypocrite. Modded guns in the first game were just way over the line and over the top, I really hope that isn't something I have to see here, too. You want to play modded games, play on PC, period.
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User Info: Jkickit

3 years ago#12
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User Info: RebelGameMaster

3 years ago#13
My excuse would have been: "I meant class Mods not hacked equipment. Sheesh, guys!"

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