61 Legendary, Pearlescent, Seraph Weapons, Relic, Mods

#1Switch455Posted 7/5/2013 8:40:08 PM
I have a bunch of gear that I can dup. I'm looking for Fire Butcher, Fire Infinity Pistol, Fire Rightsizing B I T C H, Legendary Class Mod for Psycho, Mechromancer. and any other cool things.

I have, but not limited too:
(61) Slag, Shock Butcher
(61) Non-Element, Shock, Corrosive Infinity Pistol
(61) The Bee Immunity to Burn, and Shock
(61) Hide of Terramorhpous +120336 Roid Damage
(61) Slag, Corrosive Stalker
(61) Barking Storm
(61) Slag, and Non-Elemental Bazrez White Death
(61) Bowie Maggie
(61) Slag, Corrosive, Rightsizing B I T C H
(61) Hellfire
(61) Non-Elemental Ferocious Shredifier
(61) Captain Blades Orphan Maker
(61) Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
(61) Grenades: Sticky Homing Meteor Shower, Explosive Fastball, Rubberized Bouncing Bonny, Sticky Homing Bonus Package, Rolling Thunder, Fire Storm, Homing Slag Singularity, Chain Lighting.

Please do not send me friend request, please send a voice message too let me know what you have. Thanks Xbox GT llElkoll