LF 61 Legendary Mechromancer Mod

#1cannibalmojoxPosted 7/7/2013 6:24:46 AM
Have large assortment of legendary weapons and shields to offer. Just inquire.

GT- Smoke TNT
#2cannibalmojox(Topic Creator)Posted 7/7/2013 6:25:31 AM
Also LF Gaige heads/skins.
#3PunchDucePosted 7/7/2013 6:32:57 AM
Hello, I sent you a message on XBL
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#4trakrunr4evrPosted 7/12/2013 10:14:38 AM
I'd like to get my hands on one of these as well. I have a few 61 legendaries including the bee, herald, and a few others. Anyone who has the 61 mechro mod (or any other 61 mechro related items) please contact me. I'm not online right now, but will be tonight
GT: Stelthmastr
#5Ellampo666Posted 7/12/2013 10:17:34 AM
I got you man just send me a message on xbl when ur ill inquire about what u have to trade i got bunches of pearls to
Gt ellampo666