What guns for Krieg?

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Hey, just started playing BL2, first BL game and FPS in the longest time, since Goldeneye :P Anyways, I'm level 20 with Krieg. I was wondering what's the usual load out for a Mania Krieg? I have a pistol and a shotgun. But what's better, an SMG or an AR? I found a nice spinning Torgue AR, but I heard AR's aren't that great? Thanks for your time.
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The loadout for Mania Krieg is no guns at all.

Or you can invest into the the Explosive Damage skill and get a Crunch Mod. Which is the only worthwhile thing about Mania because everything else in it is too risk reward (silence the voices is good with a scream sickle mod and all but I tend to down myself with it more than anything), is built around clearing out MOBS and not invincibles, has skills that aren't very practicable (light the fuse or having your allies damage you) or can be replicated through the other skill trees (there are a whole bunch of skills in Hellborn and Bloodlust that give you damage reduction and increase melee damage, without the added side affect of smacking yourself in the face and with the added bonus of having things like Bloodlust and Elemental Empathy)

tl;dr don't use Mania if you're serious about this game and you want to fight raid bosses. Only use it to carry you through levels.
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Bellethor posted...
The loadout for Mania Krieg is no guns at all.

tl;dr don't use Mania if you're serious about this game and you want to fight raid bosses. Only use it to carry you through levels.

Poor TC just wanted some basic gun suggestions and you tell them not to use guns and then not to spec into Mania? Even i'm confused. Seeing as this game is all about loot and TC has just started ignoring guns would mean ignoring a good deal of content, first time playing you kinda wanna shoot guns lol, yh there's melee too, but they asked specifically about guns. Also just in case you didn't know you can respec at any time, switching your build to suit the situation, i.e. for raid bosses.

TC if you go the Bloodlust/Mania route, get some explosive guns (Torgue), Hellborn, get fire guns, if you go Melee get guns with melee attachments (at higher lvls 40 up the 50% melee attachment goes against some skills/damage so get the unique weapons with 100% or 200% melee damage, called Law & Rapier). As mentioned you can change your skills whenever you like so don't be afraid to try it all out. Best of luck to you.
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It's true though, mania krieg is so heavily focused on melee, and his passive melee % modifier makes 50% melee guns useless. He has 4 slots he doesn't use a whole lot (Granted, as other users have shown he doesn't need the the shield, relic, class mod, and grenade mod slots either...)

But Mania krieg being useless?


I'm currently playing this way, and it really is nigh unstoppable. Well, this and a Bloodlust/Hellborne, but still.

My suggestions for weapons would be anything with slag to up your damage amount, and explosives to make the most out of the strip the flesh skill. Otherwise you can go with a melee/gun hybrid build, using explosives and shotguns to pump your up close damage, with a kerblaster or seeker or somesuch to help out on longer ranges. Use BXR when you want to get in close and get that full heal.

Swordsplosion is pretty stupidly powerful on Krieg, especially with a crunch mod which also ups strip the flesh... So...