Level 50 shock conference call?

#1StevenForbisPosted 7/8/2013 3:28:23 PM
Hey, does anybody have a shock CC for trade? I don't have much to trade since I only recently hit 50, but ai've got a few decent purple class mods I could throw at you!
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#2PearPeesurePosted 7/8/2013 8:33:57 PM
Dearest stranger, would you happen to have any Zer0 heads you would be able to trad for the gun?
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#3psychosis1702Posted 7/9/2013 12:54:28 AM
I can Dupe you one or I have a legit moonshot farmed one you can have, don't want anything in return my gt is psychosis1702
Gt: psychosis1702