LF: DPUH all Torgue/Slag Evis Rubi Maliwan grip

#1zeroplaptonPosted 7/8/2013 4:48:46 PM
Looking for a lvl 61 DP unkempt harold with all torgue parts and a lvl 61 slag evisceration rubi with a maliwan grip and no scope.

I have the following to trade:

Whiteout skin for Zero

LVL 61:

Slag Binary Rubi
Gentlemen's Storm
Cutting Edge B****
Bolshy White Death
Texas Striker
Barking Volcano
Bone of the Ancients (Corrosive 33 DMG 39.4 Cooldown)

LVL 59 Nasty Sawbar

LVL 50 Stockpile relic 70% SMG/Shotgun/Launcher capacity